Hey AJ, I’m not really sure how to answer your question about what “specifically ruined my life;” the post I wrote is about the specific incidents that occurred when I sought medical assistance for a physical assault. I don’t believe my life has been “ruined,” I believe it was a thing that happened that shouldn’t have happened. However, I will say, it took many years of therapy for me to feel like this event no longer defined me, and I continue to be in therapy, becauseI live with C-PTSD. You may also have PTSD from your accident (although, probably not, if you never think about it — but many people do experience PTSD after such events). If you want to know more about this, there is a lot of information available on how C-/PTSD impacts day to day life available; here’s a good summary from the National Institute of Mental Health.

Poet, writer, & editor, born in Detroit & living in Miami.

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